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The house of the hunter "Ushachsky" is located in Ushachsky area of Vitebsk area on the bank of the lake Vetche, which area 0,4 км2. The House is in a mixed forest environment. In terrain the birch, an alder, ornamental shrubs grow.

Year of the establishment - 1999.

The terrain area - 0.5 hectares.

Patrolling: the terrain is fenced by a fence, guarded by sentry preservation of object.

The house of the hunter Ushachsky is on distance: Lepel - 35км, Ushachi - 42км, Polotsk - 83км, Vitebsk - 151км, Minsk - 173км,

The general information:

Building phylum: the house of the hunter

Floors: 2

The house area: 149.00 m2

Verandah: is

Fireplace: is

Quantity of places: 10 (3 rooms on 2 persons, 1 room on 4 persons)

Small house phylum: a wooden felling

Premise furnish: a tree

Electrical supply: the stationary

The small house equipment: the TV, the washing machine

Conveniences: in the house (a toilet, stall shower)

There is an equipped kitchen: a cooler, a gas cooker, the microwave oven the furnace, a teapot, a ware panel.

In terrain the bath, 3 arbours is located.