Ушачский лесхоз

The house of the hunter "Ushachsky" is located in Ushachsky area of Vitebsk area on the bank of the lake Vetche, which area 0,4 км2. The House is in a mixed forest environment. In terrain the birch, an alder, ornamental shrubs grow.

Year of the establishment - 1999.

The terrain area - 0.5 hectares.

Patrolling: the terrain is fenced by a fence, guarded by sentry preservation of object.

The house of the hunter Ushachsky is on distance: Lepel - 35км, Ushachi - 42км, Polotsk - 83км, Vitebsk - 151км, Minsk - 173км,

The general information:

Building phylum: the house of the hunter

Floors: 2

The house area: 149.00 m2

Verandah: is

Fireplace: is

Quantity of places: 10 (3 rooms on 2 persons, 1 room on 4 persons)

Small house phylum: a wooden felling

Premise furnish: a tree

Electrical supply: the stationary

The small house equipment: the TV, the washing machine

Conveniences: in the house (a toilet, stall shower)

There is an equipped kitchen: a cooler, a gas cooker, the microwave oven the furnace, a teapot, a ware panel.

In terrain the bath, 3 arbours is located.

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Как вести себя в лесу, чтоб заработать на грибах и ягодах законно?


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